HyperFileShare: Team Collaboration and File Share

Sharing Files & Resources made Easy

The Hyper FileShare module is the easy way to share files and resources between company staff and website visitors. All resources uploaded to the server are stored out of the public domain. Basically, that means anonymous users can’t access them from a browser. Files are served to the user via a download script that forces the file to be downloaded, not opened in the browser, regardless of the file type.

File and resource download pages are quite flexible in how they’re applied. The module has been designed with enough flexibility to suit different applications such as: –

  • Team based project downloads
  • Product file downloads
  • Department resources
  • Paginated, categorical resource library

Access to resources is determined by group and user level permissions. Depending on your requirements, group permissions can be hierarchical or independent of each other. File categories also have associated group level permissions.