Website Audits

Would you like an independent assessment of your website for 2013? Hyperactive Designs conducts website audits against a comprehensive list of criteria ranging from visual appeal to search engine friendliness: –

  • Graphic Style and Usage:

    Often the site owner will approve the look and feel of their site according to personal taste. Our assessment of style an visual communication is based on the demographics of your target market.

  • Webserver stats analysis:

    Nearly every webserver will keep logs of all traffic usage to your website. Many programs are used to turn this raw data into meaningful information; however these programs are intended for a technically orientated reader. Included in our analysis of your website is a translation of these statistics into easy-to-read layman terms.

  • Usability and Navigation:

    Is all the content of your website accessible and presented to the visitor using logical navigation? The most common usability issues we come across are Javascript/Flash menus and forms that require cookies. If your website requires Javascript and cookies to function, it will leave a trail of frustrated users or worse, turn visitors away.

  • SE friendliness:

    Are the search engines referring traffic to your website? If not, perhaps those Javascript menus are inhibiting the search engines from indexing all of your site’s content pages. We identify the problem areas of your site that inhibit the search engines and/or subvert your webpages’ rankings in the results pages.

  • Page load times:

    In Australia, there are still more people on narrowband (dialup & entry level adsl) than there are broadband users. Our definition of narrowband includes 256/128. If your webpages are too heavy with high quality graphics, bloated html code, or too many external elements, page load times can get frustrating for narrowband users. Get your webpages benchmarked and problematic areas identified.

  • Content analysis:

    Many websites grow over the years and outstrip their original content structure. This can lead to illogical and hard to follow navigation and ultimately, loosing visitors.

Full reports can be costly, so Hyperactive Designs can tailor the analysis to include some, or all of the criteria above.