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Web Design and Development Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Australia Wide. Custom software development. Unique, modern integrations for WordPress, Magento and other leading frameworks.

Hyperactive Designs is a professional web design and internet solutions company offering a complete range of web design products to streamline costs and produce effective business websites.

Whether using established frameworks such as Codeigniter or Zend, or writing completely from the ground up our web design team and the sites they produce win awards for their innovative design and cutting edge techniques.  Our web sites always look fresh and modern giving your business a professional face to the world.

The art of web design is constantly evolving and as web  technologies advance we move with them.  We are constantly updating our skills and integrate the best of emerging technologies into your site.  With the emergence of Content Management Systems we’ve managed to streamline the design and implementation of the site and found ways to save you money. One of the most common complaints that we hear during new client needs analysis meetings is, “We’re tired of paying $180.00 every time we want something updated on the site and it always takes weeks to get the update done!”. By integrating self managed Content Mangement software into our site designs we eliminate this problem.  Once complete you have the option of updating, maintaining your site. Whether a simple phone number change or whole new pags and content, you have the power to do it yourself.

Using Content Management Systems allows us the modularise your web site.  We only customise and install the parts you need.  This saves  you money and makes implementation of your new site a quick and painless process.  Later, if you need extra functionality, other modules can be added and integrated into the site quickly and easily.

For each new client, we employ a stringent set of procedures to make sure that your web design is delivered on budget and on time. Some of the technologies we us include:

Web Design - mysql php PHP/MySQL Probably the most common server side scripting language/database combination in use for web applications.  We are committed to these open source technologies as they give our clients the greatest flexibility for their web applications.
Web Design - wordpress WordPress The largest, most successful Content Management System is used extensively by Hyperactive Designs.  We’re experts at customising extending and individualising this outstanding piece of software.  WordPress has a huge user base and is constantly evolving and improving. To be honest, there’s not much we can’t do with WordPress.
 Web Design - woocommerce Woocommerce:This add on for WordPress turns your site into a fully featured shopping cart.  Woocommerce is the simplest way to get a shopping cart up and running fast.  Install it, style it, add your products and your ready to go.  Although not as powerful as Magneto, it’s light and runs well on shared hosting.
Web Design - magento Magento: Magento is arguably the most powerful open source shopping cart on the market.  It has a huge list of features.  We use Magento for those clients who need absolute control over products, product types, marketing and orders.  It has a huge user base and a large list of add-ons and plugins to cater for every user.  Magento requires a VPS to run efficiently.
Web Design - codeigniter Codeigniter Sometimes the client specification requires a site to be written from the ground up.  Whether this is for speed optimisation or simply because the idea is too complex to use a CMS.  For these projects we turn to CodeIgniter.  CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC frame work designed for ease of use and speed.  It uses modern design patterns to ensure the site is easily maintainable.


These are just a few of the technologies we use. Each client’s needs are different and the tools we choose depend on your individual needs.  We would love to discuss your needs with you and customise a solution for your business. If you would like to know more please send in a request for a quote. Alternatively: –

Call us now on 1300 721-213.

Our customer base covers a wide variety of industries. Just a small sample includes:

  • Real Estate
  • Motor Vehicle Dealerships
  • Retail
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Finance Sector
  • Professional Practices
  • Sporting Conglomerates
  • Motorsport Websites
  • Custom WordPress Small Business Websites
  • We have a website to suit your budget now

Hyperactive Designs web design packages are suited to all businesses, small, medium and large.

If in doubt, feel free to give us a call on 1300 721 213 or send in a request