The Web Design Process for creativing premium websites

Planning the web design process

Refine and agree on the website content and structure. Define a content outline based on audience and purpose. Create a site map for the desired website navigation on each page. Start compiling the website content and images.


Design website home page and key content areas. Design, content and functionality refinements. Create Logos and custom elements for the web design. Get final approval before development. Any revision on the web design are done here before moving on in the web design process. All images are optimised for web to ensure fast loading times on all our websites. We can also create a responsive website design which means the website resizes for different devices. So if you view the website on a computer it will display the full site, if you try the site on a iPhone it will resize the website to fit the iPhone screen just like the image below.


Code and browser test the website. Our websites will look great in all browsers from Microsoft Explorer to Google’s Chrome and lets not forget Firefox and Safari. Install and integrate content management system, shopping carts and specific content modules. Test all modules for any errors before the website launch. We also custom code any required plugins that need to be created for the web design process.


Upload website to HD Hosting, implement a Search Engine Optimisation, launch online advertising if requested. Monitor website statistics and SEO traction and results.

Responsive Website Design