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Search Engine Marketing  SEM

Sponsored listings and advertisements are the fast way to get your website appearing on search engine results pages. However maintaining a presence in the search engines can be a costly exercise if you depend on this form of advertising alone. For the long term, your website should be listed naturally in the results pages, in other words, optimised for the search engines. When done correctly Google Ad Words can be effective so it is important to use a company with proven results.

Hyperactive Designs incorporates a dual strategy for your company’s short and long term presence in the search engines’ results pages. Our Search Engine Marketing strategy begins with fully optimising your website for special key terms and other top secret techniques. The full effects of this optimisation can take a few weeks to a month. To bring in short term results, a sponsored listing or advertisement campaign is configured for the same special key words and managed by us. This will attract targeted traffic to your site until the work done to the website for optimisation produces results. At this point visitors are referred to your site from the search engines for the long term.

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Hyperactive Designs Search Engine Marketing experts are paid to be at the top of the field. The dynamic nature of marketing with the search engines requires practitioners to constantly keep their skills updated with the latest strategies.

Hyperactive Designs can advise on the best ways to market your website for maximum returns. Below are some of the steps that should be taken to have your website compete with your top competitors.

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Search Engine Marketing Steps

A professional designed and coded website is the first step to marketing your website having key elements which will help the customer easily navigates to the desired product or service with minimal fuss. If your website is out of date there is an 85% chance the customer will exit and will buy from a more current and eye pleasing website. Out of date websites do not sell products as well as an up to date and informative site. SSL security is vital on all eCommerce websites.

The next step, have a Hyperactive Designs search engine marketing expert revise your website for search engine friendliness. Optimised website will have better chance at climbing the rankings ladder faster. Remember to keep your website up to date with fresh original content. Our WordPress websites are perfect for doing this.

If you have a new website or a low natural ranking website, a good way to start is to get Hyperactive to create a PPC (pay per click) campaign though services such as Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Adwords. These services run pay per click ads in search engines like Google, Live and Yahoo, situated on the right hand side as “sponsor links”.

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AdWord accounts are setup with the search engine. AdWord accounts are paid to the search engine that the campaign has been created with. They have four main settings which are:

  • Budget: The amount of money that you are willing to spend on the campaign each Day/Month.
  • CPC or cost per click: The maximum amount that you want to pay per click.
  • Keywords: Words or sentences that refer to your business or products.
  • Geo targeting: The country State or post code that you are targeting your website AdWord Campaign towards.

Hyperactive Designs can help devise an Ad Word campaign that suits your needs and budget. We will monitor and analyze the results and make the necessary changes for optimum performance. You also will have access to the Ad Word accounts to monitor the performance

Search Engine Marketing Set-up package, Prices

The price for a web site marketing campaign for your business website, will depend on a few variables, including the number of products/services/pages that you want to promote on your website and how many high ranking competitors there are in your industry.