Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

All websites produced by Hyperactive Designs include basic search engine optimisation by default. Customers often came to us expecting that an investment in a new website guaranteed a place in the first page results. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hyperactive Designs can give your website the uplift in the major search engines with various packages to choose from. Search Engine Optimisation has become very competitive over the past five years, it takes time and money to keep your site on the first page. We recommend that you update the website with new content at least once a month.  Hyperactive Designs has a proven track record with many of our clients ranking on the first page of Google.

We decided to meet the market and integrate basic on-site optimisation into our site development procedures. Basic on-site optimisation includes the following: –

  • Website navigation links are easily accessed by search engine robots (SE bots).
  • Features that reorder records on a web page, or maintain a particular web page state are inaccessible to SE bots. These features usually cause penalties for duplicate content.
  • Web pages are coded by hand, not Dreamweaver, Frontpage or cheap templates. Coding by hand drastically reduces the amount of html required to render the web page. We also code your web pages so that the SE bots find the content of a web page that is unique first.  Site-wide content, such as the header, footer and menus,  appear at the bottom of the page code.
  • Each page in your site has rich and descriptive title, key-word and description tags. The content of these tags are usually what displays on a search engine result page.
  • Website navigation links and links within web page copy are always text links, not images. Where possible, all text links conform to a theme that befits the subject of the website.
  • If your site is using WordPress we use SEO plugins that help with “going in the right direction” for SEO

For the latest information and prices to optimise your website, please fill out a quote request form or call us on 1300 721 213 and have our helpful staff guide you through.

Optimising Website Since 2000

Hyperactive Designs have been optimising websites since 2000 and have built a sound knowledge on what needs to be done to produce top results in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Live MSN Search Bing. Our Search Engine Optimisation experts spend countless hours participating in newsgroups and discussion forums to keep on top of the latest developments in SEO strategies. Search Engine Optimisation in the last two years has really started to make and break businesses as more and more competition takes a piece of the lucrative pie in the form of business leads referred from the search engines. Natural web rankings are the most cost effective way for your business without paying huge amounts of money in Pay Per Click advertising.

Our SEO experts understand the ever changing world of SEO and the need to have a cost effective way.

Search Engine Optimisation in 2016 has become a billion dollar industry, which has quickly overtaken the old ways of advertising and is now a vital part of today’s businesses. The vast number of Internet users is quickly growing at a enormous rate with many businesses failing to keep up. The reason is more and more users are now buying products and services online and the trust level in website security has also developed to be very secure with little fraud. Today businesses need SEO incorporated into every website. With out stong search engine optimisation built into your website you are at risk of failing to attract customers.

Hyperactive Designs can customise a website and SEO package all in one to suit your budget and needs. Hyperactive Designs has worked with many different industries to develop our key strategies to help your business in the very tough world of search engine natural ranking.

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