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Hyperactive Designs in conjunction with HD Hosting have some of the best priced domains on the web, from at $44.00 for two years and .com’s from $21.00 for one year. The benefit of using HD Hosting for web hosting and domain names is that all your accounts remain in the on company, so no more lost logins or renewals going into thin air. Hyperactive Designs has been selling domains and hosting since 2000 with clients in all industries from car sales to accounting. Go with the trusted one Hyperactive Designs.

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Domain prices can vary from company to company be sure to check the competition to make sure you are not paying to much for your domain service. Prices for a for two years can be as high as $300.00, don’t be fooled, check HD Hosting first.

Domain Prices: –

Domain Years *Price 2 $44.00 AUD 1 $44.00 AUD 2 $29.00 AUD 2 $44.00 AUD
.com 1 $21.00 AUD
.net 1 $22.00 AUD
.org 1 $22.00 AUD
.info 1 $9.00 AUD 1 $35.00 AUD 1 $35.00 AUD 1 $35.00 AUD 1 $35.00 AUD 1 $35.00 AUD 1 $35.00 AUD

*Prices are the same for transfers and renewals.


Hosting can be a can be confusing, there are so many different hosting companies at different prices it’s hard to know what to get.  There are basically three different types of hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated servers.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is very cheap, you can often find shared hosting for as little as $10 a month. When you buy shared hosting you get allocated a certain amount of storage and bandwidth but  your website shares it’s server with other sites.  In other words you may be sharing memory and cpu speed with hundreds of other sites.  If one of those sites uses a lot of resources then your site will suffer.  Shared hosting should only be used for very small sites, anything above 10 to 20 concurrent users or a very resource intensive web application can crash the site and cause it to perform very slowly or crash completely.  We recommend these servers only for promotional sites or very lightly used shopping carts.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

A virtual Private Server (including cloud hosting) is the next step up.  With a VPS you can get dedicated resources for you application.  These resources are often allocated from a huge pool but your application is protected from other applictions running on the same framework.  For example you may be allocated 1GB of Ram with 1CPU.  These servers act more like a dedicated server with a little overhead for the virtualization software.  VPS are a great compromise between performance and price.  with many services you can allocate exactly what you and only pay for those resources.  Further, with many VPS solutions it is simple to allocate more servers or more resources as they are needed.  At Hyperactive Designs we often use the Amazone Web Services which provide a facility to automatically allocate new servers as demand increases and thn shut them down in quiet times.  With AWS you only pay for the hours you use.  On a busy site this can help keep your expenses down.

A VPS can be harder to maintain, as often, the server is provided with no support from the datacenter, it is your developers responsibility to configure, maintain and backup the server.

Dedeciated Server

A dedicated server is exactly what it sounds like.  You buy or lease an actual computer supplied by the datacenter. The data center maintains the hardware and you are free to use that server in any way you wish.  This form of hosting is very expensive and, with the advent of cloud hosting, has very little advantage to it.  Unlike cloud hosting, you cannot allocate new resources on the fly, if you out grow your server, then you will need to purchase or lease a new one.